SABRE Red Runner Pepper Gel – Police Strength w/ Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Heat w/ 35 Bursts) – Comes w/ Optional SABRE Personal Alarm w/ Clip & LED Light (120dB Alarm-Heard up to 600’, 185 m Away)

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Price: $12.99 - $9.97
(as of Jan 19,2019 04:28:42 UTC – Details)

When you are running, walking your dog, or simply out and about, make sure you are protected from any threats with SABRE’s Runner Pepper Spray with Adjustable Hand Strap, available with the optional SABRE Personal Alarm with Clip and LED Light.

The SABRE Red Runner Pepper Spray with Adjustable Hand Strap provides protection at your fingertips for immediate deployment. Providing extremely practical protection, SABRE delivers a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blow-back and permits distance from your threat with its 12 foot (4m) range. Offering 35 bursts (5x other brands), this product provides protection against multiple threats while also featuring a locking top mechanism that prevents accidental discharge, this product provides protection against multiple threats.

For an added layer of running safety, the optional SABRE Personal Alarm is easy to use, small enough to blend in with whatever you are wearing, and lightweight so it does not hinder your movement while exercising. With the simple touch of a button, this stylish unit will emit a loud, attention-grabbing 120dB alarm which can deter attackers and alert anyone within 600 feet of your distress. In addition to the alarm feature, the unit also provides a bright LED light with three operational modes that you can use to find your way in the dark, or to serve as a protective beacon alerting drivers to your presence while running or walking at night.

Make your run safer with SABRE and protect yourself today!

Immediately accessible – adjustable hand strap – practical protection while going for a run
Best-selling brand – #1 brand trusted by police (e.g., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) and consumers worldwide – made in the U.S.A.
Protection at a safe distance against multiple threats-up to 12-foot range with 35 bursts in a powerful stream-ideal for indoor and outdoor use, prevents wind blow back-only affects the target/person it directly contacts- makes cleanup much easier
Most reliable – our in-house lab guarantees heat level of our police strength pepper spray with a 4-year shelf life from date of manufacture (double the industry average) plus FREE how-to-use video
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