Text Messages Between Nichol Kessinger and CBI Agent Kevin Koback – includes a reference by Koback and Kessinger to #SHAKEDOWN

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“Is SHE Chris Watts’s Mystery Mistress” was published on #SHAKEDOWN on August 23rd, 2018 be me at this link. At that time I was blogging exclusively on the Watts case. About two weeks later I shifted coverage from #SHAKEDOWN to TCRS.

At the time it was the first image published online [besides social media] that made explicit the connection of the name mentioned at the top of the arrest affidavit, and the mistress.

Shortly after the endorsed witnessed list was published [as an addendum to the arrest affidavit] it was partially redacted [with Kessinger’s name blacked out] and later the entire witness list was removed.

At the time who this “Nichol Kessinger” was was speculation but it wasn’t difficult to join the dots. The Arrest Affidavit stated that Watts was actively having an affair with a co-worker, and even though it wasn’t confirmed at the time, it was obvious Kessinger and her kin had strong career links to the oil and gas industry. This speculation was not repeated in the media at time, but it was subsequently proven to be 100% correct.

To date that particular post has been viewed over 60 000 times.

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